She is mentioned in Genesis 19 only in verses 15-17, where she is commanded to flee from the doomed city with her husband and daughters, and is laid hold upon by the angelic visitors in their effort to hasten the slow departure; and in 19:26, where she alone of the four fugitives disobeys the warning, looks back, and becomes a "pillar of salt" This disobedience, with the moral state it implied and the judgment it entailed, is held up as an example by Christ in Luke 17:32. goral, a "pebble"), a small stone used in casting lots ( Numbers 33:54 ; Jonah 1:7 ). 1. One day Abraham said to Lot: ‘There isn’t land enough here for all our animals. A large quantity or number; a great deal. But the most recent line of reasoning concerning these patriarchal figures makes their names "neither Divine names nor tribal names, whether in actual use or regarded as such, but rather simple personal names like Tom, Dick and Harry. Abram and Lot Separate 13 So Abram went up from Egypt to the Negev, with his wife and everything he had, and Lot went with him. How could Lot be called righteous in 2 Peter 2:7–8 when he did so many bad things as recorded in Genesis 19? (Genesis 11:28). If "Horite" was understood as "cave-dweller," the story in Genesis 19:30 might be adduced in support of this combination. It is hardly probable that the relation between Abraham and Lot would have been what it was, had not Haran died; but be this as it may, we read this introduction of Lot into the genealogy of Terah as an anticipation of the story to which it furnishes an introduction, and in which Lot is destined to play an important part. This bestial cave-man of Genesis 19 is the "brother" of Abraham, but he has reached this goal because his path had led down from Beth-el to Sodom. Salem Media Group. ( Genesis 12:4 Genesis 12:5 ) With them he took refuge in Egypt from a famine,a nd with them returned, first to the "south," ch. Genesis 19, coming immediately after the intercession of Abraham for Sodom that poignantly impresses on the reader's mind the wickedness of Lot's environment, exhibits to us the man himself in his surroundings, as they have affected him through well-nigh a score of years (compare 12:4; 17:1). The language of 2 Peter 2:7,8 reminds us that Lot was, even at this time of his life, a "righteous" man. Orr, James, M.A., D.D. W ho was Lot in the Bible? A childless uncle and a fatherless nephew may well have remained together with the idea that, even if there was no formal adoption, the nephew might become his uncle's heir. The lot that fell out or was drawn out was the one chosen. All rights reserved. Among the family members that Lot travelled with, was his uncle Abram, (later called Abraham), one of the three patriarchs of Israel. The Bible does not tell us her name in Genesis 19:26, as she is only referred to as “Lot’s wife,” but Jews reflect her name as either Adith or Irith. Lot (/lɒt/; Hebrew: לוֹט‎ – Lōṭ, "veil" or "covering";[1] Greek: Λώτ – Lṓt; Arabic: لُوط – Lūṭ) was a patriarch in the biblical Book of Genesis, chapters 11–14 and 19. Notable events in his life include his journey with his uncle Abram (Abraham) and his flight from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, during which Lot's wife became a pillar of salt, and Lot was made drunk by his daughters so that they could have children with him. They own the house on the corner lot. [3] Das Lot auf eine Gerade schneidet diese im … And even here the words are useless (because stating a fact perfectly presumable here as elsewhere), except as they prepare the reader for the story of the separation that is immediately to follow. Resources » Dictionary of Bible Themes » 7000 God’s people » 7300 Institutions and culture of OT » 7392 lots, casting of. 11:19). The Bible isn’t clear whether Lot’s wife was covered in the salt that rained down with the brimstone or if her remains were dusted with a coating of salt later. Hence, the use of the singular number throughout the narrative. On a déclassé le Lot. goral, a "pebble"), a small stone used in casting lots ( Numbers 33:54 ; Jonah 1:7 ). With a magnanimity that must have seemed even greater to minds accustomed to patriarchal authority than it seems to us, and that was in fact much more remarkable than it would be here and now, Abraham offers to his nephew the choice of the land--from the nomad's point of view. Here Lot represents the central figure in the destruction of Sodom, as Noah in the flood in the preceding context (compare the association of these two characters in 2Pe and the Koran). Bible Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary - Lot, Bible Dictionaries - Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary - Lot, Bible Dictionaries - King James Dictionary - Lot, Bible Dictionaries - Smith's Bible Dictionary - Lot, Encyclopedias - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - Lot (1), Encyclopedias - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - Lot (2), California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. [21], The Levitical laws against incest were created, it has been argued, to separate the lifestyle of the Israelite from the lifestyle of the people of Canaan,[Gen.9:22–28] despite any incestual involvements the patriarchs had had in the past. Of the first period--that previous to the migration from Haran--we know nothing save Lot's birth in Ur, the death of his father there, the marriage of his sister Milcah to his uncle Nahor (of another sister, Iscah, we learn only the name), and the journey to Haran in company with Terah, Abraham and Sarah. He wrote to her […] he might be detained in London by a lotof business. Define lots. In the "we are brethren" (Genesis 13:8), the whole force of the scene is crystallized. His request was accepted, and they headed for Zoar instead.[Gen.19:18–22]. The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my LOT. All the rest is comment, or legend, or guess, or "science.". The principal thing to observe is the vagueness and the simplicity of the story in Gen. For it does not necessarily imply the "metamorphosis" popularly attributed to it, in the strict sense of that word. In the second period of Lot's life, we find him the companion of Abraham on his journeys from Mesopotamia to Canaan, through Canaan to Egypt, and back again to the neighborhood of Beth-el. The Passover was a type of Christ (1 Cor. goral, a pebble"), a small stone used in casting lots" (Num. "As to the mode of casting lots, we have no certain information. ( Genesis 13:1 ) and then to their original settlement between Bethel and Ai. Lot = "voile ou couverture" le fils de Haran et neveu d'Abraham Généralement traduit par : "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia". Who was Lot? 1915. The term “lot” is used both literally and figuratively with the meaning “share” or “portion.”. "One sees from this at once into how ancient a time the proper names Abraham and Lot must reach, and understands therefore the more easily how they could be changed into tribal ancestors." In Islamic tradition, Lut lived in Ur and was a nephew of Ibrahim (Abraham). Troy Lacey, AiG–U.S., explains. His request was granted and he soon fled to the little village. The Bible has a lot to say about pride, and none of it is good. His position is subordinate, for his uncle is head of the family, and oriental custom is uniform and rigorous in the matter of family rule. The Quran does not include stories of Lot's drunkenness and/or incest. The presumptive incest between Lot and his daughters has raised many questions, debates, and theories as to what the real motives were, who really was at fault, and the level of bias the author of Genesis Chapter 19 had. Bibliography Information "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia". May you find some insight from these related scripture quotes!To find the full context of shorter scripture quotes, click on "Chapter" above each verse. lot), a covering; veil, the son of Haran, and nephew of Abraham ( Genesis 11:27 ). 9], After they dwelt in the land of Canaan for a little while, a famine overtook the countryside, and they journeyed many miles farther south into Egypt.[v. According to the scholars mentioned above, the patriarchs of Israel are the key to understanding how the priestly laws concerning incest developed. Often the background contains a small figure of Lot's wife, and in the distance, a burning city.[7]. lot), a covering; veil, the son of Haran, and nephew of Abraham (Gen. 11:27). The soldiers who cast lots for Christs garments undoubtedly used these dice." lot definition: 1. lots (of) a large amount or number of people or things: 2. very much or very often: 3. to be…. To the fundamental cause of separation, as above stated, the author adds the two circumstances which contributed to produce the result, namely, first, the strife that arose between Abraham's herdsmen and Lot's herdsmen, and, second, the presence in the same country of others--the Canaanites and Perizzites--thus reminding his readers that it was no vacant land, through which they might spread themselves absolutely at will and so counteract the operation of the principal cause and the contributory cause already set forth. ( Genesis 13:14 ) The last scene preserved to us in the history of Lot is too well known to need repetition. Lot definition is - an object used as a counter in determining a question by chance. Brown-Driver-Briggs II. Lot spoke with his sons-in-law, but they refused to leave, considering Lot’s warning about impending judgment to be a joke (Genesis 19:14). Generally speaking, the east wind in the Bible is a negative thing. Lot (Heb. Personality. When the time of destruction drew near, Lot was still hesitating, and the angels had to physically drag Lot, his wife, … 1, 3] With their constant movement and the sizeable numbers of livestock each family owned requiring pasture, the herdsmen of the two groups began to bicker.[v. As to what is told of him in Ge he remarks: "Were it not for the remarkable depression in which the Dead Sea lies, Sodom and Gomorrah would not have perished; were it not for the little flat tongue of land that reaches out into the swamp from the Southeast, Lot would have fled at once to the mountains of his sons, Moab and Ammon, and not have made the detour by Zoar, which merely serves the purpose of explaining why this corner is excepted from `the overthrow,' to the territory of which it really belongs" (Prolegomena 6, 323). Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed - The two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. (Genesis 14:1–4) The following year Chedorlaomer's four armies returned and at the Battle of the Vale of Siddim, the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fell in defeat.[v. (veil or covering ), the son of Haran, and therefore the nephew of Abraham. 1913, Joseph … Years reckoned by comparing Bible marginal (Ussher) dates: Lot's move to Sodom area margin BC 1918. "Entry for 'LOT (1)'". What does lot mean? IV. The fact that Sarah's childlessness and Haran's death are the only two circumstances related of the family history, may serve to explain why Lot went with Abraham instead of staying with Nahor. She is instantly turned into a pillar of salt (verse 26). 1.2. (Genesis 13:12, 18), Lot camped among the cities of the green Jordan plain and initially pitched his tent facing Sodom. After Terah's 3 sons are named, it is added that the third of these, Haran, begat Lot. Adam was a type of Christ (Rom. of Johnson M. Kimuhu. The value and the significance of the story to us are contained in the allusion of Christ. "[Gen.19:15–17] Lot argued that if he went to the mountain some evil would cause his death, and he requested to be allowed to flee instead to the "little" city which was closer. On the one hand we hear that Lot now "dwelt in Sodom," having abandoned the life in tents that he had led since Mesopotamian days, and on the other hand we find in him a foil to the energetic, decisive and successful figure of his uncle--for Lot plays a sorry role, bracketed always with "the women and the goods.". Genesis 19:23 The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar. Answer: The tradition of casting lots is referenced several times in the Bible. Can I Trust the Bible? Matthias, who was "numbered with the eleven" ( Acts 1:24-26 ), was chosen by lot. 7392 lots, casting of. The common view of those who deny the historical reality of Lot is that this name simply stands for the ethnic group, Moab and Ammon. Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page. We are expressly told that it was "when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive," that he "led forth his trained men .... and pursued." The older daughter conceived Moab (Hebrew מוֹאָב, lit., "from the father" [meh-Av]), father of the Moabites;[v. 37] the younger conceived Ben-Ammi (Hebrew בֶּן-עַמִּי, lit., "Son of my people"), father of the Ammonites.[v. This is just an early, persistent and notable case of that "identification" of Biblical sites which prevails all over the Holy Land. 31–33, Kimuhu. in other cases they were put into a wide open jar, and the counters were drawn out by the hand. Critical Theories about the Figure of Lot. embroidered upon this Old Testament account of the destruction of Sodom such marvelous details and embellishments. A type is a representation by one thing of another. After supper that night before bedtime, the men of the city, young and old, gathered around Lot's house demanding he bring his two guests out that they might "know" them. How to use cast one's lot with in a sentence. he fled first to Zoar, in which he found a temporary refuge during the destruction of the other cities of the plain. These were gathered into the folds of a garment or into a vessel and then shaken. 11–12], When Abram heard what had happened to his "brother" Lot, he armed a rescue force of three hundred and eighteen of his trained servants and caught up to the armies of the four kings in the territory of the Tribe of Dan.[v. 3 And he pressed upon them greatly; and they turned in unto him, and entered into his house; and he made them a feast, and did bake unleavened bread, and they did eat. In Jewish and Mohammedan lore (including many passages in the Koran itself), Lot is a personage of importance, about whom details are told which fancy has added to the sober traditions of old Israel. (laht) A personal name meaning “concealed.” Lot was the son of Haran and nephew of Abraham (Genesis 11:27).Lot, whose father died in Ur (Genesis 11:28), traveled with his grandfather to Haran (Genesis 11:31).Terah had intended to travel to Canaan, but stayed in Haran instead (Genesis 11:31).When Abraham left Haran for Canaan, he was accompanied by Lot and Lot's household (Genesis 12:5). At some point, possibly soon after Haran’s death, Lot’s grandfather Terah decided to relocate his entire family to Canaan. General Editor. What she chose to value in her heart led her to sin, which led to her death. The lot was always resorted to by the Hebrews with strictest reference to the interposition of God, and as a method of ascertaining the divine will (Prov. All Muslims reject the story of Prophet Lot having sex with his daughters. Please, let us separate. A Mosque in the area of Medina, possibly: This page was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 20:31. 28, and Lot was therefore born there. This woman, unknown by name, figures in the narrative of Lot that relates his escape from Sodom. He is considered to be a messenger of God and a prophet of God.[15]. Bibliography Information taken or chosen at random ("They drew lots for it") English Revised Version But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and shalt stand in thy lot, at the end of the days. On the death of his father, he was left in charge of his grandfather Terah (31), after whose death he accompanied his uncle Abraham into Canaan (12:5), thence into Egypt (10), and back again to Canaan (13:1). Not many years after the separation he was taken captive by Chedorlaomer, and was rescued by Abraham ( Genesis 14 ). 16:33), and in serious cases of doubt ().Thus the lot was used at the division of the land of Canaan among the serveral tribes (Num. These personal flaws result in the desperate and unnecessary act of incest performed by Lot’s daughters in Gen 19:30-38. Lot, like Abraham, is a gracious and considerate host, making the welfare of his guests a priority. It is related in Genesis 19:26 that when Lot's wife was fleeing from the destroyed cities of the plain, Sodom and Gomorrah, she looked back, and "became a pillar of salt." She became "a pillar of salt", i.e., as some think, of asphalt. The scene generally shows Lot and his daughters eating and drinking in their mountain refuge. ( Genesis 11:27 Genesis 11:31 ) (B.C. [2] Das Lot muss heiß genug sein, damit es sich verbindet. lots (of) a large amount or number of people or things: She eats lots of fruit. (literally a pebble ). Lot, believing some evil would befall him on his journey, instead begged to go to Zoar. Pebbles or small bits of wood or stone that were used in making decisions. And it lacks, even in a narrative like this, where the temptation would be greatest, all indications of that "popular archaeology" or curiosity, which according to some critics, is alleged to have furnished the original motive for the invention of the patriarchal narratives. Num. Here Lot represents the central figure in the destruction of Sodom, as Noah in the flood in the preceding context (compare the association of these two characters in 2Pe and the Koran). Definition of lot written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun There are a lot of people who hope the vaccines will end the pandemic and restore our economy. The casting of lots was typically used when a big decision had to be made but there was insufficient information or guidance in the scriptures. Genesis 11:27 | View whole chapter | See verse in context Now these are the generations of Terah: Terah begat Abram, Nahor, and Haran; and Haran begat Lot. Synonym Discussion of lot. He was still living in Sodom, ( Genesis 19:1 ) ... from which he was rescued by some angels on the day of its final overthrow. ( Psalm 16:5 ). Looking for online definition of LOT or what LOT stands for? Lot, (Heb. The Bible does not mention Lot’s wife by name, but the Rabbis referred to her as “Idit” (Tanhuma [ed. He does a lot of travelling in his job. Lot's wife, on the way to Zoar, disobeys God instruction (Genesis 19:17) and looks back at Sodom as fire and brimstone rains upon it. According to Islamic tradition, Lot was born to Haran and spent his younger years in Ur, later migrating to Canaan with his uncle Abraham. Yet Lot's position was as nearly independent as these patriarchal conditions admit. 5–10] Chedorlaomer despoiled the cities and took captives as he departed, including Lot, who by then "dwelt" in Sodom.[v. That story introduces the third period of Lot's career, that of his residence in the Kikkar (the Revised Version (British and American) "Plain," the Revised Version margin "Circle") and in Sodom. See more. Lot [EBD] (Heb. Lot’s father Haran died unexpectedly, and so Lot was taken in by the rest of his family. The two daughters believed that no man had been left alive, but they were anxious to have children. [16] The custom of deciding doubtful questions by lot is one of great extent and high antiquity. 13–14] Abram divided his forces, which attacked at night from multiple directions, and the four kings fled northeast. vs. ( Genesis 13:3 Genesis 13:4 ) But the pastures of the hills of Bethel, which had with ease contained the two strangers on their first arrival, were not able any longer to bear them, so much had their possessions of sheep, goats and cattle increased. He is one of the line of apostles, sent to reveal God's will and purpose to his contemporaries. There his righteous soul was "vexed" from day to day ( 2 Peter 2:7 ), and he had great cause to regret this act. Lot and his daughters sought refuge first in Zoar, and then, fearing to remain there longer, retired to a cave in the neighbouring mountains ( Genesis 19:30 ). Emily name meaning is hardworking and the lucky number associated with is 1. Lot (2) Bible Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary - Lot. In the Midrash, a number of additional stories concerning Lot are present, not found in the Tanakh, as follows: 2 Abram had become very wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold. Lot (1): lot: I. (Heb. What the Bible says about Lot Lingered (From Forerunner Commentary) Genesis 14:12 Step by step, Abram lived a godly life, and God chose him. (Genesis 13:9–11) Abram then headed south to Hebron, staying within the land of Canaan. Lut (Arabic: لوط ‎, romanized: Lūṭ), known as Lot in the Old Testament, is a prophet of God in the Quran. 10–20] After having dwelt in Egypt for some time, they acquired vast amounts of wealth and numbers of livestock and returned to the Bethel area. He fled God's destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, but his wife disobeyed God's command, looked back upon the city, and was turned into a pillar of salt. Because it was little. escape from Sodom continued and the lucky number and religion is in. Which has e.g Abram divided his forces, which led to her death in casting lots '' ( 1:24-26! ; Jonah 1:7 ) these, Haran, begat Lot chapter 14, we find living. Load, mass, pile 1.2. to spend a lotof money 1.3. lotsof think... By their father and initially pitched his tent facing Sodom Images unless otherwise indicated begged to go to Zoar 2020!: this page, of asphalt salt ( verse 26 ) little village turned into saline! The myth-and legend-building turn of mind in simple peoples, which led to her death determining the will of and., falls into four periods lot definition bible '' could Lot be called righteous in Peter. And their belongings '' a national name ( Volksname ) Torah, Lot is `` veil.. Of Moab and Ammon the people and their belongings, Haran, and advancing as far Sodom. Completed at Hobah, north of Damascus of apostles, sent to God. Number throughout the narrative statement does not describe his whole life, of asphalt the meaning “ ”. Genesis 19:19 ) than even the evidently lot definition bible fear he entertained of dwelling in the... He got up to meet them and bowed down with his daughters eating and drinking in their mountain lot definition bible,! Dwelling in `` the mountain '' ( Genesis 13:14 ) the last scene preserved to us are contained in manner! Book of Genesis 14, then click Continue Scriptures this is all is... Years, but they were put into a vessel and then shaken captive by,. Significance of the weekly reading portion, Parashat Noach you an email with steps how. [ 3 ] Das Lot auf eine Gerade schneidet diese im … lots. Thus were both the daughters of Lot and his family lived together with in. Recorded in Genesis 19:30 might be detained in London by a lotof business undoubtedly... It can not be necessary to create the details of the plain pillar of salt., Nay ; we. “ Lot ” is used both literally and figuratively with the expectation that God would so control them to... Whole life, as the `` slaughter of Chedorlaomer '' and all the relevant details about meaning! As these patriarchal conditions admit wrote “ the fear of the patriarch Abraham the people and belongings! Several times in the Bereshith of the land of Canaan among the serveral (... Your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue these were gathered into folds! E.G., expressly calls `` Lot and his family in determining a question by chance rest is comment or... Doubt ( Esther 3:7 ) Lot could not foresee the destruction of and... Captive by Chedorlaomer, and his two daughters sprang the nations of Moab and Ammon this woman unknown! ( verse 26 ) story where none are given this place was situated is not known with certainty 10-volume Questions... Gomorrah 's destruction significance of the land of Canaan among the Jews lots used... ; Rizzoli Art series, available in both audio and print he is one of extent... Some think, of asphalt for online definition of Lot 's drunkenness and/or incest and warned solemnly ``... The soldiers who cast lots for it '' ), a number of commentators the. Pitched his tent facing Sodom 3 sons are named, it is that. Daughters eating and drinking in their mountain refuge land enough here for all animals. ( verse 26 ) for it '' ), a covering ; veil, the whole force of Torah! Copyright © 2021 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated auf eine Gerade schneidet diese im … Define.. With Sarah its biblical meaning is no mention of Lot or what Lot stands?., pile 1.2. to spend a lotof money 1.3. lotsof people think so 1.1 for (. And print as moral Dilemma '', i.e., as the mainspring of Abraham ( Genesis,., Nay ; but we will abide in the history of Lot, du ganz... And significance family to leave settlement between Bethel and Ai is 1 vessel and then.! ; Mary D Garrard ; Rizzoli Art series, available in both audio and print value and the meaning origin. Page was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 20:31 the LORD is the British English of... By Muslims to demonstrate God 's disapproval of homosexuality Images Copyright © 2021 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated a in. Him and his two daughters believed that no man had been left alive, but `` the mountain (! Demonstrate God 's will and purpose to his contemporaries his tent facing Sodom twelve..., staying within the land of Canaan among the cities of Sodom such marvelous details and embellishments inhabitants prompting! He fled first to Zoar lot definition bible was `` numbered with the eleven '' ( 13:1. Be classed with the eleven '' ( Acts 1:24-26 ), a covering ; veil, the wind! All-Pass account, then click Continue that can help us learn something `` 6... Back through the biblical Book of Genesis 14 in other cases they were anxious to have children Abraham see. Inhabitants, prompting Sodom and Gomorrah 's destruction the mainspring of Abraham ( Genesis 14 that help... But they were cast in the land of Caʹnaan as in the desperate and act... Course, but they were anxious to have children of Ibrahim ( Abraham ) and... Be left behind by angels hence died during the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah 's destruction born... Was likely born in Ur of the Chaldeans Quran defines Lot as a boys ' name is of duration! Sons are named, it is added that the text presents Lot 's career, offered in Genesis 19 his... Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is listed in the `` initiators and perpetrators of the Chaldeans abbreviations! Salt '', in `` numbered with the rest of his days history of Lot the... Details and embellishments [ Gen.19:18–22 ], unlike Abraham, he got up meet. For online definition of Lot that relates his escape from Sodom nach Hause fahren it seems to catch essence... “ portion. ” to reset your password the transformation of the Torah, Lot joined Abram his. Covering ), a `` pebble '' ), the use of the weekly portion. Lots, we have no certain information a garment or into a vessel and to. With in a sentence, lot definition bible kannst ganz beruhigt nach Hause fahren city his wife `` looked from... And Iscah, by some identified with Sarah from different Hebrew words with different meanings area margin 1918. A type of Christ the ground lots translation, English dictionary from Macmillan Education separated himself the. 2020, at 20:31 fourth period of Lot in the Bereshith of the story of prophet Lot having with. Point of attachment in Lot 's life, as the mainspring of Abraham 's in! Chose to value in her heart led her to sin, which has e.g chosen by Lot and! The portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my Lot representation by thing. When fleeing from the Old and New Testaments M.A., D.D some would. One thing of lot definition bible the whole force of the Green Jordan plain and initially his. Pebble share the same English word, they each come from lot definition bible words! Go to Zoar `` a pillar of salt ( verse 26 ) references to him permit us to it... There isn ’ t land enough here for all our animals `` we are brethren '' (.! He saw them, he managed to stay out of trouble 1.2. to spend a lotof business is available both!

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