... Go to Shpock on Facebook Go to Shpock on Instagram Go to Shpock … Scammers in this platform are just too too many and are going scoffers. Janet then messaged me to say I was too far away for her to collect and SHE cancelled the deal and asked for her money back. ... Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? Zero hassle. Jean M. Shpock, 71, of Freeland passed away Thursday in Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Twp. Ask the seller to send you a picture of the phone turned on. "Love a car boot sale but don't fancy getting out of bed? Stay Vigilant though, TL;DR: the delivery is poorly handled and the customer support is useless. I don’t know if I have to blame Shpock it myself ... Shpock is full of scammers been scammed twice in week waiting for refunds takes upto 5 days dont pay with bank transfer or through paypal only pay through shpock wallet they will block u after payment and theres no way of getting in touch unless u go through shpock wallet then its safe dont accept sob stories or taking payment in installments NO BANK TRANSFER, Like every thing else....when things go well ok. A lot of scammers. I have had a few 'no shows' or 'time wasters'. Shpock Reviews. DO NOT SHOP FROM THIS SITE IT IS FULL OF SCAM ARTISTS TAKING PEOPLES HARD EARNED MONEY. E.g. Local search and collection was Shpock strongest reason to use it. Top Stores - Read reviews for some of our best stores, We collate all the best reviews from around the Internet so you can view them in one place. | Read 41-60 Reviews out of 2,430 I've been using Shpock … Terrible. I reported them to Shpock but got no feedback. All payments made directly through Shpock's payment system are protected under our Buyer Protection. This is an amazing platform to get excellent deals on items. This has gone on for long enough.Long story short, if you are going to use shpock, make sure it's only collection. However if your more savvy and buy online alot then you should be able to suss the scammers. Shpock has poor communication and a poor relationship with it's customers. Gave them 2 stars because they did remove an unjustified negative review. Customer service appalling, do not even comply with there own trading agreement. Accounts suspended (wrongly) willy nilly without any CS explaination, apology, acknowledgements. I was banned for life (no great loss) The reason given, i upset too many people by offering small diy jobs for free, Im retired and desperate for something too do. To add insult to injury I received a message from Shpock telling me THEY cancelled the deal due to my failure to forward the goods!!! Shpock Reviews. Will not be using this site again as it seems to be a platform for people to get rip off. Not helpful when things gone wrong ie. Find Reviews Filter. I got a seller (who from this point will be called Lisa H.) who was interested in purchasing this gift for her child for Christmas. Cancel Confirm. It’s hard enough to make money in 2020 and then you’ve got people like this holding onto your hard earned money so they can make a quick buck of your sale. Why agree to the sale in the first place,if they where unable to send the items. Just need to get rid of the bad ones for good. Prefer eBay. SHPOCK is the car boot sale app that allows users to buy, sell or give away items in your local area. I found that the service from shock very efficient and professional. Summary: Kimberly Shpock's birthday is 09/10/1974 and is 46 years old. Not seller friendly. Used delivery service first time. Updated 28 Aug 2020. Hello everyone ! AVOID! I had an obvious scammer who Shpock removed witching 30 minutes of my email and I got a call to make sure … Updated 16 Dec 2020. But where they have got back to me regarding what appears to me to be a bogus report, Shpock's response makes no sense. In the past, Joseph has also been known as Joseph O Shpock… No matter how many times we (BOTH) contacted the Shpock team, the P2G team and even the Hermes team, nothing was helpful. I continued to receive numerous messages asking me to send the goods. Does that look right to you Shpock?2- my wallet or indeed PayPal doesn’t work3-The most recent, make a request on PayPal ( email given) to make a payment. Use a safe payment method, either, PayPal Goods and Services or Shpock Payment3. Cancel Confirm. I am SO fed up with them and as for poor Janet, who knows when they will refund her money. Join a trusted community: review buyers & sellers, report items, problems or users directly via the app ABOUT SHPOCK Shpock flea … I will never use shpock again, Tried to get scammed on my very first sale ...put me off using site. We are so happy to hear that!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. If Shpock.com is also down for you then there is likely a … Please make sure to contact our Support Team via HelpCentre, they will help you. But make sure that the deal is not too good. It was so frustrating!The final nail in the coffin is that today when I attempted to get a refund from P2G and THEY SAID THEY COULDN'T BECAUSE THE PACKAGE WAS IN TRANSIT.IT WAS "IN TRANSIT" FOR 1 1/2 MONTHS! STAY FARRRRRR AWAY- SHPOCK DO NOT SUPPORT SELLERS- EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE PROOF OF DELIVERY AND ROYALMAIL CONFIRMING THEY HAVE DELIVERED SHPOCK STILL SUPPORT THE SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sad to let it go but needs must. I've … I sold the same item twice (to 2 different people) and although legally binding they no showed. Secondly, request for a review modification by clicking resolve now at the top … Glassdoor has 23 Shpock reviews submitted anonymously by Shpock employees. Their customer service is just as bad, they never want to help and never respond in a good amount of time. You can always report to us if you go to my Shpock … In my case had to report to shpock as buyer wouldn’t reply they then got in touch after few days money was released. All my reviews are gone. The main aim of this Shpock app review is to share with you how you can use Shpock to make money online through selling.. Full of scammers. STAY AWAY! Just lost yet another sale because of Shpocks recent change of rules. Avoid! Its totally untrustable app. He’s how you can avoid them.1. Zero fees. Search job titles. SHPOCK ... MUST TRY HARDER!!!! Hi dan, We are really sorry to hear that. Not happy the buyer wouldn’t respond to my messages and shpock don’t release money until buyer accepts is satisfied and reports once that’s done payment is released. Believe all the bad reviews, got scammed on here, paid for items that never arrived and Spock do nothing to stop the scammers on there from selling. Search job titles. This way you can verify that they are legit pictures and not just grabbed off google. Summary: Joseph Shpock is 69 years old and was born on 07/28/1951. Hi Mrs Ward, Thanks for your review and for taking the time to leave us feedback. You can always report to us if you go to my Shpock … Hi Oh, Thanks for your review and taking the time to leave us feedback. A lot of scammers on the platform. I would get my money, and Lisa's child would get a really fun game to play. What’s that about? Delivery only will sign the death warrant for Shpock… We always recommend using Shpock's integrated payment system. Search job titles. Shpock Reviews. I’m not one to normally leave a review, however having joined Shpock (24 hours ago) and having listed my first two items, I wanted to share my experience. Opened an account yesterday, received an email today stating account restricted because they 'believe'i had an account that breached guidelines previously, nothing to back this statement up, had paid to promote item so asked for a refund, surprise surprise, no reply, I think that counts as theft, does it not, I have been a good seller on shpock for over 2 years now I sent a itam I bought from shpock as a genuine itam so I tried to sell it back on there and the buyer reported it to sphock got a full refund and kept the itam and now I have been permanently banned from the site talk about a injustices I will be telling everyone to avoid this site I have over 28 good reviews and still got banned and lost money as I sent the itam and can't get it back thanks shopck. Not enough protection on this site. Very angry. I need to change my review. So sorry my review is still 1 * untill my bad,false, unjustified, totally unfair review … That is until now! A fair number of time wasters, but that is not the fault of the intermediary. Hi A., We are really sorry that you had a bad experience. I would also add that every time I tried to respond to Shpock requests, all my messages bounced back saying ‘undelivered’. Find Reviews Filter. Shpock have no department or system in place for helping users who are scammed. I also payed payment protection. When I informed them the money went straight back into my bank will be happy to use them again. Shpock has become scammers paradise, as soon as you list something you immediately get an offer however they ask you … LR:I put up a sale for the Overcooked Bundle Game on Switch. They then asked shpock to cancel the agreement. I was so worried about negative review … I bought an iPhone se 256 gb The item I received was an iPhone 8 Shpock told me to send the item back to seller It’s now been 3 days since sending back the item and I have heard nothing from shpock I emailed them twice but still no response . Cancel Confirm. Your experience can help others make better choices. Shpock.com seems to be down. Share your items, invite and follow your friends or other Shpock users. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Shpock … Customer support is sketchy, they wait weeks to get back to you in some cases. Shpock Reviews. Becoming more popular since its launch in 2014, customers are flocking to the site and app … This site is rubbish would not let me get money out my wallet and then just took the money dose not answer you avoid do not use this site there are many better ones I will never use agine nor will friends and family Rubbish site don’t use, Thougt this would all be straight forward HAHAHA!!. Shpock is a FREE app which allows you to buy and sell products in your local area, without the extra seller fees.. my user name on shpock is Fiona MacDonald. Clear All. I think the developers should seriously think to optimised this app as is more demanding for phones hardware than Facebook or any other app I’ve tried. I was asked again to send the items and went through the process of arranging a courier but as the boxes was so large and it weighed 12.2 kilos, not surprisingly they wouldn’t accept it at £4.10 and so I went back to Shpock AGAIN and asked them to advise Janet to collect the items and provided my address and contact number. We know you will be scammed4- Send me a msg on WhatsApp ( number given) for a quick sell5-I have a disability So how do you intend to stop this?Lastly you are becoming a scam yourselves. Write A Review ... Shpock's response makes no sense. Unfortunately about a week ago i received negative review from a buyer,That's get me big shock since i was beginner here so didn't know much how to deal with it. It can be a bug. They obviously had gotten away with it before. My phone was affected and I had to delete it. I have been using Shpock for over a year. We either got reminders to get back to them with updates or vague messages telling us to do things we have already done. Clear All. Dont send items through shpock as you then have a wallet with your money in, providing the buyer is happy with their purchase and have let shpock know its ok which allows your money to be released to you - not cut and dry as buyer can complain. Avoid at all costs. Because what I bought couldnt be delivered as they lived to far away that was my error. Put money on another drone. I bought and paid £40 for it, and waited 3-4 days and heard nothing. Informed the support team and they were scammers. Orders placed and not received where monies continue to be held by them despite contacting them on many occasions. Was sent the same response email that you carnt or won't remove reviews anymore. Everything was going perfectly well so far. People not paying for goods when they have proof they are conning others and people agreeing to buy several items and then not getting back to you. The people i had upset were obviously other handymen who didnt like what i was doing so complained. Don't bother looking anymore as you have to choose a category and select distance now every time. Updated Sep 15, 2020. Hi Mark, We are really sorry that you had a bad experience. Born in Hazleton, she was the daughter of the late Willard and Pearl (Sube) … If, like the user that scammed Beth, they often leave negative … How do I remove a bad review? Awful company left me days with no reply , Iv sent a item and they blocked my account so no money , don’t touch them. Glassdoor has 24 Shpock reviews submitted anonymously by Shpock employees. Join the buying and selling marketplace that makes second hand feel like a joy. Complaint against Shpock Please tell me how to remove/delete a watched item that I'm no longer interested in or is sold. No other motive. Customer service 'opened a case' 3 weeks ago and despite me emailing them multiple times, have heard nothing, so I've lost my money... in fact they're keeping it since the seller told me she's not been paid either! Poor reason in my eyes. I sold a Gucci handbag to put towards a deposit for a house, which I desperately need. Search job titles. The app is so stuffy , my iPhone 11 struggles after few minutes of browsing , is starting getting very hot then crashes , same experience I have using an iPhone XR . Read employee reviews … Hi Fuad, Thank you so much! Full-time, Part-time ... Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? But there are also good people on the site. I am asked to remove … How quickly does Shpock respond to customer queries? Would be very carefull when using this site, you will not get any support when things go wrong. Apart from the fact that I stated the items would need to be collected as they were too large and too heavy, this was ignored. Full-time, Part-time ... Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Clear All. You send threats saying that a customer is waiting for you reply on your item only to go to the item , no message but PROMOTE. Shpock used be great before the in app buyer payment system introduced. I paid for a drone and the seller just stopped texting and dissapeared. It is totaly untrustable app! “ I wish I had read reviews for Shpock before I committed myself to buying a drop-leaf table. Never again will I use shpock. Check the reviews for one of our staff pick businesses. UPDATE. Shpock here are a few:1-My sell price is 50£ of an item and some offers my 100£. Better to leave them alone and buy elsewhere! Seller agreed to except my offer. Once you withdraw your earned funds into your bank account, Shpock hold it for an additional 5 days so they can accumulate interest on it. We have tried accessing the Shpock.com website using our servers and we were unable to connect to the website. Glad to hear that! Our reviews are aggregated from multiple sources to give you the best overview about shpock.com. Problem resolving for a collection deal. if buying a phone. When i tried to appeal i was just told there is no form of appeal and then blanked. Item lost in the post. With one of their fingers on the screen. All payments made directly through Shpock's payment system are protected under our Buyer Protection. Foolishly (I admit) I found ANOTHER drone and paid for it but the seller does not want to sell through shpock, he wants me to pay a deposit before he sends the drone - another 5 days. Impossible to speak to or have a reply from an intelligent human. I wrote to the seller, then received a note from Shpock … They set the postage amount. After waiting 2 days I message the seller who not only hasn't taken steps to send the drone, he wants to know if I can pick it up SO I cancelled that purchase - potentially another 5 days to wait to get my money back. I paid via the shpock app with my debit card, the person has now blocked and deleted every form of contact with myself. AVOIV AVOID AVOID! Updated 18 May 2020. Scammers reported multiple times and still allowed have accounts and continue to scam people. At this point, Shpock says the payment can then … Terrible site, I got scammed for an iphone 11 purchased it yesterday the person showed all the pictures confirmed postage for today. Then you need Shpock… Now if anyone wants to buy an item I simply copy and paste my item onto gumtree and tell Shpock That item has been sold. I have bren scamed and trusted app (which is u are under their protection when u are buyying item) but there is no respound more than 5 working days! I love shpock but yes, you do have to keep an eye on listings as they are frequently left ignored. It's going to get very cluttered without this control Cancel Confirm. ⭐. Glassdoor has 26 Shpock reviews submitted anonymously by Shpock employees. Sell your stuff to buyers near and far with secure nationwide delivery. According to Shpock when an item is listed “buy now” and is purchased on this basis, the buyer’s payment is safely pending until a positive feedback is posted. Ask for extra pictures of certain angles and different points. Join the 2,430 people who’ve already reviewed Shpock. Shpock Reviews. Problems & Cancellations Problem resolution. I advertised some Kirby accessories and eventually received a message I had sold them to Janet S and that she had paid £30 plus £4.10 postage and I was instructed to send them to her. I sent replies back asking Shpock to refund Janet’s money. Full-time, Part-time ... Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? Thanks! Since you have given the review, refresh that same page and scroll down to check if you can still edit your review. The Shpock Waller feature is a game breaker. Check the seller's reviews to find out how the Shpock community rates them - and also look at how the seller rates other users. on the whole though I stuck to cash collections and it all worked. Will not recommend. Seller message me asking me to cancel the agreement because they didn’t have a box big enough. Glassdoor has 21 Shpock reviews submitted anonymously by Shpock employees. We always recommend using Shpock's integrated payment system. Read employee reviews … What’s the point of messaging me if I can’t reply!!! 55 Reviews | 2.0 Rating Visit Site Company Reviews Reviews Questions & Answers Q&A Trust Score Trust Deals Deals Coupons Coupons. Read employee reviews … I got scamed and trueted app protection but there is no respound from them at all after 5 working days. Could have used a black bag & tape. But worse than that if you cannot transfer your money to your bank ( I couldnt as I didnt have picture id - out of date passport and paper driving license) they send YOUR MONEY BACK TO THE BUYER!!!!!!!! We’re constantly monitoring the app and removing bad users, and we’re doing our best to get quicker at this. Problem resolving for a collection deal. I would not trust this app at all! YEAH, SHPOCK, YEAH P2G, YEAH HERMES, I TOTALLY BELIEVE THAT AND WILL KEEP ALLOWING YOU TO SPOON FEED ME THESE LIES LIKE IM A CHILD.Both me and Lisa are now going to trading standards and reporting this case. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Find Reviews Filter. Had to get the money back which could take 5 days. I was selling a sofa bed and received two enquiries which wanted me to pay money into an account which they alleged to have paid into my PayPal to also pay for delivery. That's because they are making money on charging buyer protection. Avoid like the plague! - Read reviews for some of our best stores. Kimberly Shpock currently lives in Drums, PA; in the past Kimberly has also lived in Hazleton PA. Kimberly A Shpock, Kimberly A Masher and Kimberly M Shpock … Find Reviews Filter. I tend to assume most older stuff, especially large items, are long gone and I just browse on newly listed. I have been using Shpock for a number of years and have 5 star 100% positive reviews and very good positive experiences with local collection and delivery. Never using this site again. Full of scammers, endless amount of people never reply to questions or act on offers, but worst of all is that the ridiculous amount of ads that are a year or more old which haven’t been removed, making it look like a lot of options when searching for something, but in reality, many are not available. Previous to Joseph's current city of Easton, PA, Joseph Shpock lived in Wilson PA. I tried to message her but only received repeated message asking me to send the goods as she had already paid into some holding account. A way to erase Shpock _ The Joy of Selling from your computer using Advanced Uninstaller PRO Shpock _ The Joy of Selling is a program by Shpock … Zero reason not to! Nothing could go wrong.Until I dropped off the package.I dropped it off on 2/12/20, I was informed that Lisa would receive her product by 4/12/20.At the time of writing this review, it is 19/01/21...She has not received her package and we can not access the money. User’s like you are super important to help keep Shpock a safe place to buy and sell. What UTTER GARBAGE!!! Shpock interview details: 5 interview questions and 5 interview reviews posted anonymously by Shpock interview candidates. And because they have enough to deal with complaints from the shpock wallet they don't remove false bad reviews … So if you'd like to look into it for me ?? Clear All. The current web page applies to Shpock _ The Joy of Selling version 1.0 alone. Which shpock did. I am asked to remove items, but no list of items was provided either by email or in the app? Have contacted Shpock again and explained i was asked to do so on here. I originally had the Shpock app on my phone. Are shpock one bunch of scammers???? So admittedly i shouldn't have been in such a rush but ive now spent about 2K, I dont have a drone and my money is not back in my bank. Excellent Buying and Selling Platform. Hell, with Hermes, I couldn't even get to them because I didn't have a '16-digit tracking number' or a '8-digit calling card number'. Don’t pay anyone asking for bank transfer only2.

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