Episode Guide Space Invader Lynn stretches saying she slept well and comments Lincoln looks terrible. However, it wasn't often that all the activity happened in a single place. Lynn:(drops Luna) Lincoln! Trailer. Curse of the Shadows Official Trailer.  ‣ ?  ‣ ? (Lucy appears, scaring both of them off the couch) LUCY: I need to watch Vampires of Melancholia, Edwin needs my presence. [The buildup to a food fight] Tickle fight club. [Lynn touches all of Lincoln's stuff] He turns around back to his house to set it up, but Clyde reminds them they still have to go to school, to which he turns around thanks to the reminder.  ‣ ? in MaverickHunterSilver's Death Battle series, featuring Lynn and Lucy from The Loud House and Tangle and Whisper from IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog. 10/02/2018. Feast your eyes on the best moments from The Loud House Thanksgiving special! To Lincoln's distress, Lynn is an abysmal roommate. Next, he tries fighting dirty in a Lucha Libre rematch only for Lynn to commend him for his sneaky tactics.  ‣ Fiesta Fever - Kully B, Angus Clark [Lincoln wins Lucha libre] Are You Afraid of the Dark. In " Really Loud Music ", after Lynn's song, they got into a fight after Lynn broke Edwin's nose. - Lucy explained LOLA: Who cares about your stupid concerts, or your dumb bat shows?! As seen in "Undie Pressure" Lynn tends to turn everything into a sport - her siblings consider this to be her most an… Lynn tells Lincoln to "Learn how to share" but she does not share the toothpaste with Lucy. The Loud House Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community.  ‣ ? Even though he's got the smallest room, Lincoln's still happy that he doesn't have to share it with anyone.  ‣ ?  ‣ ? He'll never get her out of his room and he'll be stuck as her roommate forever unless he can find some way to get her and Lucy to make up. ‣ ? Clyde suggests having a nice candlelit dinner for two while imagining himself and Lori having one due to his undying and unrequited love for her. Lucy: Sigh. She wants to play Lucha Libre, then puts a mask over Lincoln's face. Finally, he gives her a taste of her own "Dutch oven," and it seems like she's finally had enough and is going back to her room with Lucy. Lori felt too old for this so she stayed at home to take care of Lily instead. She wears a white jersey that displays a red one and has red sleeves. Next  ‣ ? The tower collapsed and it was falling on Lucy. Lynn is also quite superstitious, often worrying about bad luck and performing a series of good luck rituals before her games. Lori breaks the fourth wall by grinning at the camera after tricking Leni into making her lose track on how many times she brushed her hair. Later, Lynn lets out a big fart, and smothers Lincoln under the covers in what she refers to as a "Dutch oven." She soon got out of bed and went out of the room with them to start another day in the Loud House.  ‣ ? 6b Lincoln doesn't feel too comfortable about it at first, but after Lynn makes puppy dog eyes he eventually gives in and lets her stay just for tonight. © 2021 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. His face was edited to not change when Lynn tells him about the lack of balls to reduce the innuendo. [Title card] Sister fight protocol! Since the agreement was that Lynn could only stay in his room for one night has already passed, Lincoln kicks her out and takes his room back. Just then, he gets an idea that will surely drive Lynn out. [Lynn and Lucy hug] Lynn and Lucy were shocked by Lincoln's sudden outburst. 9 Lincoln buys a pair sound-cancelling ear buds to drown out the sound of his sisters. After Lynn and Lucy get in a fight, Lincoln agrees to let Lynn bunk in his room for one night. But Lynn and Lucy are still not speaking to each other and Lynn decides that she'll spend another night in Lincoln's room, much to his dismay. As the only brother in the house with five older sisters, five younger sisters and one bathroom, life in the Loud house can get pretty crazy. [Lincoln explains space in the Loud house again] The sisters were getting livelier as they drank and laughed rememorating funny moments of their childhood. However, just before he can prepare himself to bask in a glo… She knocks on Lincoln's door and asks if she can spend the night in his room. They have themselves a little feud and Lincoln admits that he set up the whole dinner so that they could make up and Lynn could move out of his room and back into Lucy's. S1 E22. [Lynn toots] We all know Leni is the sweetest Loud around, so what could be more perfect than a sweet video featuring some of Leni Loud’s best lines!? Chris Savino (It flashbacks to said incident where Lucy is digging up medium sized holes. ‣ ? Loud House: Hardcore Babysitter. Broadcast Information All 3 siblings clapped their hands, but it was so loud that balance of the block tower was disturbed. Lynn and Lucy Loud vs Tangle and Whisper is the??? Everyone is getting ready for bed, and Lincoln is happy, because he's the only one in the family who doesn't have to share a bedroom (even if his room is just a converted linen closet), since his parents, and all of his sisters share bedrooms. I dunno what Lynn is doing. [Opening] He asks Leni if she has seen the remote, but she explains that while she was watching Dream Boat, she went to the bathroom and their mom tol…  ‣ ? Because of this reference, even the music that plays on the title card sounds like an 8-bit video game. The Butterfly Effect/The Green House. (Lori follows Lynn downstairs to the living room, where Luan, Lola and Lisa are waiting with Rita and Lynn Sr.) Lana took part in all activities with her family. (The twins both fight each other, making Lori break up the twins and she lifted them) ... LUNA, LUAN, LYNN, LUCY, LANA, LOLA, LISA, LILY: Awwwwww! Knowing this, Luna runs out of the way and Luan runs into the wall. 1 Chris SavinoKarla Sakas Shropshire  ‣ ? If Lincoln goes to see if Leni was watching the show, he finds that Leni is dusting the furniture...by putting the dust onit rather than getting it off it. Lincoln tells her to stop, but she does it to help her get to sleep. 1.74 million "Lincoln I'm sorry I didn't mean-" Before Lucy could finish, Lincoln shouted in a louder voice "I don't want to hear it Lucy!" They then see what he tried to do and have themselves a little food fight to show that they have made up. Lynn is named after her father, Lynn Loud Sr. Lynn is athletic and competitive. Written by They were shared on 2 teams, but Lisa belonged to none as she served as the judge, but her true intention was to study something only she knew. When Lynn and Lucy share a bed with Lincoln at the end of the episode, the bed becomes larger. [Everyone exits their rooms] As they meet, the two of them, instead of preparing to apologize, are awaiting the other to do so, thinking it's the other's fault their little squabble started. After Lynn gives the bucket back to Lincoln, it disappears when Lynn continues to play with his stuff. Lincoln stands between them) Lincoln:Guys! The Loud siblings were having a snowball fight expect for Lori and Lily. Previous Meanwhile back at The Loud House, Lori is doing her eyelashes, when Lynn comes in.) Afterwards, she plays with his toys, which he doesn't like.  ‣ Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [The food fight] Right."] Lincoln has his space back, but Lynn returns and brings all her stuff in and declares Lincoln the best roommate ever and decides to move into his room as a permanent resident. In the European Spanish dub, she mentions soccer (dubbed as football), rugby, and basketball. "I remember when Linc used to call Lucy princess pony … Episode Lynn does not mess around when it comes to babysitting! They say it’s important. Greed: The main vice of the Loud kids, especially in the episode "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House", where they fight tooth and nail for a stash of money they believe is hidden somewhere in the house. As the only brother in the house with five older sisters, five younger sisters and one bathroom, life in the Loud house can get pretty crazy. Lucy can't stand Lynn's energetic and sporty demeanor, while Lynn can't stand Lucy's depressing and negative vibes. In the French dub, she mentions volley, soccer, and baseball. Lincoln begs Lucy to make up with Lynn, but Lucy refuses to by saying she'd rather wear pink, something a goth like her would never do. At the age of 13, Lynn Loud is the fifth-oldest child in the Loud family. Welcome to the Loud House! When a common cold ravages through the loud house, Lincoln believes his sisters have turned into Zombies! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [Lincoln puts a Lucha libre mask on] Of course, sadly JMbuilder decide to give his story to another fanfic writer. The Luan's Fight story where one of Luan's prank went wrong which sent her brother Lincoln into a coma.

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