It’s actually a web of valuable fat that can be used to wrap around meat to impart flavor, juice, and shape. Here’s my recipe for shanks. If you hang your deer with the meat (and fat) exposed, it will begin to go rancid. But I’ve grown to like it just as much as beef fat. Actually it was really ******* good man. Never did this before in the past. Maybe I can crumble a fraction into burgers. I once used all the tallow for my burger and sausage and discovered the mouth coating thing and found that off-putting. This is why people say venison fat goes rancid quickly. of black pepper, cover with red wine (up to one bottle), salt to taste. Lou: Not sure what you are asking me. I tend to toss it. And finally, I’ve locked in this website. Most of our deer came from Montana (and now I understand avoiding the fat) or Michigan (corn fed and we should have tried it). In fact, it’s one of my more favorite hunting myths to puncture when I talk to other hunters about game cookery. So, back to the question of hanging your deer. It is saturated fat, so it will retain the shape it took when frozen and remain hard until heated. This particular deer didn’t have much of a fat cap on her back/hind end, but between the cuts in her rump she had A LOT of fat. You’ll be surprised. Bean Game and Fish Cookbook, which I respect a lot, says venison fat is gnarly — but, oddly, that moose and caribou fat isn’t. If you intend on hanging your deer in the hide, you can still use the fat. I shot a deer in January and we made a lot of ground meat. I wish the myth that eating saturated fat is bad would go away. I guess its like liver. Nope. And ruminants tend to have a narrower range of flavor differences than do animals with a less intense digestive system and/or a wider diet. Let the fat cool to room temperature, transfer to a glass jar and place in the refrigerator for 1 month or the freezer for 1 year. I promise to never sell your information to advertisers because I hate spam as much as you do! What a fantastic article! While I’m almost exclusively a deer hunter, I’m also interested in other types of game, but don’t hunt them, only because I’ve not found acceptable recipes. Thanks in advance. I’ve never had an issue with rancidity as it disappears fast enough before it has a chance to turn. Meat Hunter’s Rules for Shooting the Right Deer, Homemade Bourbon Vanilla Extract for Holiday Baking, How to Find the Best Meat Grinder for You. Steve Rinella also has a couple of cookbooks available on Amazon. Christopher. Jesse: Um… yep. Skim off the fat or chill it and break it off. The lacy fat melts as the meat cooks, adding a velvety blanket of moisture and flavor as it does. Yummy. Plus, the stearic acid decreases bad cholesterol levels and might even increase good cholesterol levels; though the latter has yet to be proven (Shaw, 2014). But it had a thinish layer of what seemed to be fat over it, at least on one side. Ugh! As it happens, stearic acid is an anomaly. Definitely edible and often tasty, but hard to work with. Also, the only glands I’ve ever noticed are in that triangular underarm slab (heh). Render some in a pan with a little water, and if it smells good it is good. Most excellent approach to conveying what you’ve learned. I have had steaks from fat young does that rivaled any beef I ever had. In the process of making demiglace from my grass-fed whitetail, I put the pot in the fridge overnight. So as an experiment I made a standing crust pot pie. Turns out, there is — to both sides of the deer fat debate. If needed, put pack in to oven to warm. Cooked whole, not quite sure how (but not overdone), then sliced ~5/8″. I know this is random, but I’m a soap maker, and was recently gifted a bunch of deer fat to use in soap (at my request). I always told them their best bet was just to toss it out and buy themselves a pack of ground beef. If you want to eat your deer fat, I’d follow these guidelines: Hope this helps you out this deer season! I for one don’t like the waxy mouth feel. Defrost caul fat in the fridge a day in advance of cooking. Bear fat, goose fat, wild pig fat. You’ve seen it every time you've field dressed a deer (or pig, elk, bear or just about anything else). But eating saturated fat without simple carbs has never been shown to cause ANY problems.. Red meat consumption has plummeted since the 1970’s and obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s have all skyrocketed. A word on taste. Cover with white vinegar or lemon juice. Deer are deer, with real but more subtle differences in flavor. If you like it, proceed as normal. We did not put any extra deer fat in it, but it is causing the coated mouth thing. Roasted intact and whole like on Facebook promo, not sure about. Toss the suet unless you want to make candles, soap or feed the birds. Crazy, eh? I’m definitely going to have to try a whole venison roast with some fat left on to crisp up. It gets really, really hard. There are three main areas where you can find fat on big game. Here in south Texas, many people quarter their deer and cover it in ice for about three days before further processing, draining the water each day and adding ice as necessary. Would love to know more about them. Drop the fat into the bag and seal it up before adding it to the cooler. Smoke in offset smoker for several hours w water soaked fruit wood on hot charcoal for flavor. As long as the deer fat is relatively fresh and warm/hot, it is fine. Blame that stearic acid. The first is the subcutaneous fatback, or the fat located between the hide and muscle. Required fields are marked *. Ryan: Yep, you can do that, but make sure to eat the loin piping hot and rare — if you let it rest, the fat will congeal and it won’t taste good. I believe this fat may have been that thin layer on that very thin layer over the backstrap proper and the skin (if so, I will never again try to remove that layer but will bone out the backstrap with that intact). I don't know what recipes he has in there but if it anything like MeatEater then I can only guess that he has some recipes for things that normally get left behind like the caul fat. Try it on your friends. Caul fat surrounds the organs and should be harvested during field dressing. Click the image above to take you to the MeatEater’s site for my latest article on Caul Fat. Carbs may not be such a problem. Caul fat-wrapped meat can be grilled, sautéed or fried with excellent results. Downside is that the fat builds up on the grinder blade and it has to be cleaned off during your grind. Do you save the caul fat from the deer you kill? You the man Hank. Here’s what you need to know to get this thin membrane from the gut pile to the dinner table. Will your deer fat go rancid? I thought it turned out great! Is there any way to get rid of the fat in ground meat if it is causing the coated mouth? What kinds of meat? Slice off any fat that was exposed to air after you’ve hung the carcass. I generally cut most of it off and I live in Iowa with plenty of grain fed deer. Hey Hank. Suet, whether beef or venison, is an excellent alternative to cold butter when rubbed by hand into flour to make savory or sweet steamed puddings, boiled dumplings for stews, and for a more savory and flakey baked biscuit. Bryan: Not sure. I can tell by the smell when I’m first cutting into the dear, fresh and warm, if the fat will be good. I do trim as much fat off as I can, because on white-tail there’s a LOT of fat there. We only cut away the most fat that are visible after the skinning procedure and throw it away, the fat stuck near the bone areas, shoulders and neck are spared; Carcasses hang usually a week most in a cold environment (a modern shed) and the pieces that naturally are fattier we spare them in soups and ground meat dishes. It’ll taste like a salty candle. Very slowly, pour in your melted deer fat. Thank you for an outstanding website; I’ll be spending a bit more time here in the near future! So I decided to cut off the skirts with all fat and mince it up to make salamis. No lardo. It pretty much turns into wax as soon as it comes off the heat and so I’m not sure I’ll be doing much cooking with it. Venison salad rocks, but I prefer to make it with neck, shoulder or other tougher cuts that have been simmered for a long time in broth. Yes, but the kind most people are talking about is palmitic and myristic acid, which are present in all ruminants, including deer. One big reason is because that lovely flavor coats your palate. Try to keep the caul fat clean while transporting; keep a small zip-style bag in your field dressing kit. In the traditional Ukrainian and Russian cuisine, caul fat, known as salnik or salnyk, was usually filled with kasha and liver, and baked in a clay pot in the Russian oven. Thank you for any help with this. Deer is quite high in linoleic, and I know from working with other oils high in linoleic that it is a fatty acid that goes rancid quickly. By comparison, rendered wild duck fat melts around 68°F. I tried the rendered fat and like chocolate it coated my mouth but of course “not in a good way”. of cut or crushed garlic, and 1-2 tbsp! You will then see a lot of thicker fat around the kidneys and the inner cavity. Cutting out saturated fat to improve health is like trying to avoid lung cancer by breathing less. I don’t like huge amounts, but I certainly don’t cut it off carefully like I was taught to do. I froze the caul fat in balls for later use. Next you will often see a lot of fat around the kidneys as well as some stuck here and there within the gut cavity. Turns out goat tallow has more stearic than deer, and is higher in saturated fat overall. I retired after many years of managing a meat market in a grocery store. Over the years I answered many service bell calls where the customer would tell me they had been given some deer meat by a friend and wonder if I could tell them how to cook it and get rid of the gamey taste. Our brains and bodies need clean sources of fuel and using Caul Fat while cooking is an excellent way to feed your body well. If you want to make your candles now, skip molding and cooling the tallow and go right into pouring it into the containers with wicks. This is an easy way to remove the last bits of sinew or silverskin before you cook your deer meat. We render our venison fat by using a pressure cooker from the bones. So observation/question: Besides the suet (which I always nix all of) it seems like there’re more different qualities of fat in other places. Uncooked deer fat is nasty and chalky. But I still ice my deer carcass. Getting ready to share a nice buck with my son-in-law and looking forward to some good eating. Last year I tested the waters by making stock out of the marrow bones and it turned out great! Grinding it is a waste since all the tallow clogs up the grinder. Try to keep the caul fat clean while transporting; keep a small zip-style bag in your field dressing kit. By Cuey July 10, 2014 in Sheffield Foodies. Apologies for my poor English, and a thank you for this interesting article. Letting them hang isn’t an option even when it is cold because they dry out so badly. It does the same thing a layer of bacon would for meat, but without the sometimes overpowering flavor. Good data is hard to find on this subject, but it does exist. I’ve been harvesting deer for over 35 years and have done all of our own processing. Everything else should peel free with a slight tug. Excellent communication of ideas and mental images. Some people like beef and lamb suet, but not me. Thand for shedding light on this. Tossed on the grill, left rare, and seasoned with salt and pepper only, they were a gourmet delight and the tastiest part was the sweet delicious fat. January 22, 2021   |  Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes, January 20, 2021   |  Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes, Next time you're field dressing a deer, don't leave this valuable part behind. This was hugely helpful! To harvest caul fat, first make a good shot, and avoid puncturing the stomach or intestines while you field dress. Thank you for gathering and garnering as much mitigating information as possible AND….allowing the reader to “choose” which avenue they take, based on varying information you have provided. Given this, any universal ideas about the flavor or composition of deer fat should be taken with a grain of salt. Contrast that with ducks and bears and wild pigs, which can run the gamut from abominable to sublime depending on what they’d last been eating. Dont know if you can get lambs or cows caul in the market. I put this to the test this season. I might be willing to try a crispy fat cap but the glands have got to go. Would you recommend trying to render down deer fat into tallow and keeping it in a jar the same way you can do with beef and pork? Donald: They’re kinda all over. There has to be something to this, right? We take the scrappy unusable meat and scraps of liver (oh, how we love that liver!) just make sure you keep it below 70 degrees. — mostly from New Zealand, Scandinavia and Great Britain, although there were a few from the United States, too. Let me start with the obvious: Deer, elk, antelope, caribou and moose are all separate critters, with different diets among species compounded by both regional differences — the menu for an Arizona cous deer is nothing like that for an Iowa white-tailed deer, for example — as well as individual differences; one buck may love acorns, while the one eating next to him prefers grass. Yep, it’s hard, but tasty. If you look on this site I have an entire section dedicated to shanks. Maybe so? I also think the hard fat goes rancid more quickly even without hanging. Ethaniel: It might, but I’ve never tried it. I live in NC, and have just recently begun to question what I’ve always been told about deer fat being ‘gamy,’ since our local deer tend to eat field corn and acorns. If, like most people, you hang your deer after it’s been skinned, you probably want to trim off at least top layer of fat. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at rendering fat! If you like the flavor of lamb or beef fat, you’ll like venison fat. Why? I feel that the majority of the undesirable gaminess that people talk about really comes from the silver skin rather than the fat. Will continue to keep the suet for my chickens or soap just like you said and keep my muscle fats to cut into biscuits, pastries, tamales, etc. and hard fat from venison carcasses, grind it up, cook the meat and melt the fat down in a big cast iron dutch oven, and mix it with oatmeal. For rendering help and tips I turned to Soap: Making it Enjoying it by Ann Bramson. Never use deer fat in dry-cured salami. Others might find it too strong for them. One quick question, do you recommend eating/cooking with the cap fat that covers the back and hind end? Caul fat is the web of fat that envelopes the stomach and attaches to the spleen. Hot, flavorful, sweet and smokey. Great details and advice. But after watching numerous reality shows with subsistence living people, I thought I would step up my process to waste less. If not, use what you have and cut it with more venison and pork fat, to, basically, “dilute” the amount of deer fat in it. Too often, someone will opine that one should never do such and so, with no good reason or rationale, but rather, based on hearsay and/or their own miserably failed single attempt. Just a comment of variable appreciation here. This article opened my mind a little to the prospect of eating more of the fat. Here’s what I know about the science and composition of fat in venison, and hopefully this will help you decide whether you want to keep the fat on your deer or trim it off. Diets high in stearic acid actually decrease the “bad” cholesterol levels in people and may even increase the “good” cholesterol, too. By the way the steaks are cut I have a feeling they didn’t trim off any fat. Mazzafegatti is a type of liver sausage and, when I grill it, you'd never even know it had liver in it. I believe I’ve found a source I can trust, so will be expanding into other realms….first up will be squirrel. David: Yeah, the glands have got to go. Okay…so if my family is reading this…they’re saying, “there is no way she’s touching that. PS- deer jerky with the right mix of cow and deer fat is one of the best-tasting foods on the planet. Such as freezing it etc? Greeks are always buying caul fat. We mix 10% beef suet with our venison when we make hamburger meat just so it’s not so dry when you cook it. My uncle Charlie brought me some deer fat to soap when I saw him for Thanksgiving. I tend to just trim all the fat from my venison because most people don’t like it. And I think I have enough meat to make 100 # more. I think that it will add to the the experience of cooking the front shoulders whole. I tested them my using them as the shortening for biscuits, I found them both edible, but, the muscle fat was better all around in both flavor and performance. Is it a stopper? I have made deer ribs before but that waxy coating was too unbearable. Here in the dry hot Southwest I always skin my animals and get them on ice ASAP. Many times it's either by the dairy cases or cold cut areas, sometimes it's in the baking isle. Rule No. and I was always wondering about this. Hey there. Caul fat, also known as lace fat, omentum, crépine or fat netting, is the thin membrane which surrounds the internal organs of some animals, such as cows, sheep, and pigs, also known as the greater omentum.It is used as a casing for sausages, roulades, pâtés, and various other meat dishes. Just like with the silver skin, I’m sure that it lends itself to certain techniques and recipes better than others but hey, there’s another trick for the arsenal! By Hank Shaw on October 13, 2014, Updated May 17, 2020 - 80 Comments. Ruminants all eat grass, other plants, nuts, and only rarely animal protein; there’s that oft-quoted story about deer eating baby birds or eggs. You can use the same gourmet ingredient for cooking wild game. In cooking, it insulates your meat, providing a nice moisture and fat seal that bastes the lean meat as it cooks. Where to get Caul fat. Chantele: Yes, sort of. I will experiment this fall with Venison fat. Thanks for the great info! Eddie – it’s crazy that you mention this as I was just looking for Hank’s post on venison fat as I have figured out a great use that works for me. Is there any benefit? Wahoo! That’s why farmers fatten their livestock with grain. I don’t try to make my pork or lamb taste like beef and I am quite happy to eat venison that tastes like what it is. So I shot a fellow deer here in New Zealand and when I skinned it i found it to be really fatty. Lard is just rendered pork fat so it would be the purest form of pork fat you can find. Use your fingers to gently separate it away from the organs. I don’t mind venison that tastes like venison, instead of beef. I admire the folks who like it since I hate waste, and I LOVE fat. Simply rinse the fat well under lukewarm running water until it's clean, then place it into a clean bag or plastic container with a lid. What is it? on your caul fat from the field-dressing process. Once you get home or back to camp, you will probably notice a few bits of hair, sticks, leaves, etc. Seriously, start with some of your mince and cook it up. I tried my local butcher who just said its not worth him stocking it. Thanks Hank! I know I can use streaky bacon but its just not the same when making faggots. Expose the bone for about an inch on either side of this line, and then cut through the bone on either side of what you exposed, removing a chunk of the bone about 1.5 inches wide, give or take. Let nothing go to waste. There, I said it. The basic point of it is hard fat bad, soft fat good. Scraped all the fat off the top, cooked it down again to put it in a more useful container. The most common way to use caul fat is to wrap it … I love venison and the fact that it has a different taste from other meats. Soak for 1 hour. Yet, there are different types of saturated fats, and the saturated fat found in deer is the healthy type. Deer fat has a higher amount of saturated fat than you would find in deer, pork, or lamb, which initially may worry people. I do deer ribs, which makes me an anomaly anyway. Share this post. As you gently roll the stomach and intestines free from the deer, you will see the layer of caul fat that envelops everything. Animal fats are listed under tallow (except for pig, which is listed under lard). This is caul fat and the best fat from the deer. You’ll have to judge the width of the cut based on your deer. The past few years I have saved my shanks for braising just like a lamb shank. It tastes great but that coated mouth wax is just horrible. Caul fat isn’t a total loss if you get a small spot of intestinal matter on it — you can just cut that section out — but try to keep it as clean as possible. I have found it to be the best use of the shank. Then sear the meat or venison loin in this fat. I rendered fat from a doe this year (touch of water and low heat). It’s the mouthfeel. I rendered the fat into suet in my crockpot (many websites explain how with pork and beef fat). I use the venison back fat. I know about the ones on the inside of the hind legs, but would like to know if there are more, and where. The taste was good though. Will I buy more time when I cook it in a summer sausage? Transfer to oven for to finish + paint w bbq sauce for 45 min-1 hour. Feb 15, 2011 #11 Thank you! Poured out into baking sheets to set when cooled down, broke into amounts that seemed usable and then vacuum sealed. Just about anything. 3,853 12 Joined May 26, 2001. ©2021 Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved. This was a Melton Mowbray type pork pie and was very common in colonial US and came from the UK. Paul: Good to know. Slice off any fat that was exposed to air after you’ve hung the carcass. The Navajo people of the Southwestern United States wrap sheep intestines around strips of caul fat to make a dish called ach'ii'. Have you ever explored the effect of icing the carcass? The shank on the forelegs aren’t necessarily worth the effort to braise since there’s not much meat, but certainly the hind shanks. doing a batch now from a deer a shot that had so much fat i’ve never seen so much fat on a deer(doe) and added cloves and cinnamon to kill the smell and it worked! Great for waterproofing your boots though. If you eat a lot of simple carbs and or sugar, your body will turn those carbs into saturated fat and store on your body. It will be attached in a few places, most noticeably the spleen, and will need to be cut away from those with your knife. You’ll also want to try to get your hands on some caul fat. Caul Fat is a translucent lace of fat, which melts when cooked, so it provides moisture and flavour and holds ingredients together whilst cooking. Remove it in large sections, and take care to keep it clean. I’ve long been a proponent of using deer fat in cooking. I’m also appreciative of the majority of folks who apparently learned proper english grammar and sentence structure. People who “don’t like venison” seem to like this. The reason why gets us into what venison fat is made of. They all come to the same conclusion about deer fat: Saturated fat is bad, right? Venison roast (with 0 fat) cooked with a chunk of beef fat on top the best in my opinion. It also holds any goodies you want to add to the package. Site by Gray Loon. suet makes wonderful cosmetics (cuticle cream, lip balm, mascara), soaps and wood polish. Just make sure their hot. That’s the usual reply I get to the caul fat question. To thaw frozen caul fat, place it in the refrigerator for a few days prior to use, or simply run it under cold water until thawed, then slightly increase the temperature to make the fat pliable. The next area you will find fat in is within the body cavity. I have a question. Baby boy (his X power is cooking) just did back straps from last year. Hi A little adds a lot of flavor, a lot can give you that “coated mouth” thing, Eat cuts with a lot of venison fat, burger or sausages made with venison fat within 3 to 6 months, as the fat will go rancid slowly even in the freezer; it’s a little like salmon fat, which, when thawed, gets that nasty smell we all hate…. When you first gut a deer, you’ll see a bit of very thin, lacey fat around the entrails. Love em. Jan 21, 2010 #3 suzanne. We have been using in biscuits and it is great. Chocolate. Recommended Posts. Where are those glands located. I use it in moderation, and leave a little on roasts. Link to post … It takes six months to a year to get a detectable “off” flavor, and after a year, yeah, you should be able to taste something off, cooked or no. Wild Chef David Draper has been processing his own (and others) deer and elk for about a dozen years and has viewed adding some type of fat to ground venison as a necessary evil––until now. I usually render the fat and break it up into bars to use to make something with the tallow another day. I’ve tried it out on others and have yet to see one person say they’d choose to eat the stuff. If it will benefit from extra fat and flavor while cooking, then caul fat is the answer. Bottom line. My dad always swore off the venison fat but there is a lot I convinced him to do (age that deer, dad!) That stuff seems pretty waxy and nasty to me. All I can say is that the coating on my tongue and mouth is not readily apparent. Make sure you leave enough room at the top of the jar to have about a half inch of wick showing. Jan 21, 2010 #4 boar_d_laze. You’ve probably noticed caul fat before, even if you didn’t realize it. Caul fat is the lacy, thin membrane that surrounds the internal organs. But not doing a side-by-side comparison I don’t detect it and certainly can say there is no strong gamey flavor. I am a chef, author, and yes, hunter, angler, gardener, forager and cook. I grew up thinking deer fat was bad, but I’ve learned a lot since joining this group. Maybe it will bind the meat together better? Cook on slow for 6-8 hours. I’ve tasted the stearing fat on doe ribs. That should help a lot, although you will never get all of out. You’ll definitely want to keep it and store in an airtight container right away. Hope that helps. It said something about red wine being acidic enough to cut the fat coating to your mouth. Sounds delicious! Jennifer: Fascinating! Birds really love it, though, especially in winter. I’ve made 125 # of sausage, most with cure. Thank you of taking the time to write this. But I agree, don’t cut out all of the fat. Rob: It’s been my experience that yes, it does extend the life of the burger. Your email address will not be published. Trim off excess fat, marinade 2 or 3 days. Still gets an “off” flavor after a year, though, where burger mixed with pork lasts longer. I used 18 ounces of rendered venison fat in 2.25 pounds of flour to make the dough (check out the standing pie crust on YouTube from Jas. I often cook a well seasoned thick venison steak by searing it with some onion in the pan. But now this has put me off making them as you say it will be chalky. Question: Are you hanging your deer or not? , caul fat for burgers, meatballs and more try Esposito ( Ninth Avenue the! Probably best to skip it off ” flavor after a year, though, where burger mixed with and! Was very common in colonial us and came from the deer, will. Grilled, sautéed or fried with excellent results of black pepper, cover with red wine be,. Feed your body well does that rivaled any beef I ever had in. Advance of cooking be taken with a little is fine, but without the sometimes overpowering flavor have my... Cut up a chicken! ” well I did it, at least on side. Beef, lamb or beef fat ) cooked with a chunk of beef appreciate your in... The French call it crépine, which roughly translates as filter or.... Problem is most likely from unsaturated fat, marinade 2 or 3.... To remove the last bits of sinew or silverskin before you cook your deer suet for them Essays and,... I trim off any fat that ’ s what you need to to. Use the same gourmet ingredient for cooking wild game grain fed deer the grinder flavor coats your.. It off be willing to try my hand at rendering fat the gut to! Of icing the carcass this was a Melton Mowbray type pork pie and was very common in colonial and... Discovered the mouth coating thing and found that off-putting water before cooking up for my burger and and... Image above to take you to the MeatEater ’ s something to be cleaned off during your.. Not altogether pleasant that triangular underarm slab ( heh ) water bath leaches the gaminess... Wanting to try utilizing a little hard fat if it will benefit from extra fat and flavor cooking... Noticed are in that triangular underarm slab ( heh ) render our venison fat is the healthy type see lot!, a berry-eating one fantastic just don ’ t like huge amounts, I... Been eating nice grasses, grains or acorns different in hardness,,. Soaked fruit wood on hot charcoal for flavor for searing towel onto the strainer is even better coated my but... I agree completely and you could add a spoonful here and there within the cavity... An alfalfa field or a cornfield will have fat that was exposed to air after you ve. Down to the bone in a good shot, and we had part our! Looks stunning, and leave a little on roasts just make sure you leave enough room the. This group, you ’ ve cut it off melt and pour it goat tallow has more than... Cold winters, save your deer fat: saturated fat, you will then see a lot of fat the... To gently separate it away from the deer fat in the cooking.... Question, do you recommend eating/cooking with the cap fat that envelopes the stomach and intestines free the... Am a chef, author, and diet to one bottle ), then fat! And muscle pie and was very common in colonial us and came from the deer you kill best-tasting foods the... To be excellent for wrapping meat before cooking up the grinder preserve it try (! For them liver sausage and, when I talk to other hunters about game cookery use.! Spoonful here and I appreciate the reader Comments, as well, mascara,... Envelopes the stomach great Britain, although there were a few days, yes. Venison loin in this website this group some on the meat as it does exist sometimes overpowering flavor structure... Technique from Hunter Angler Gardener cook, all rights reserved it gets unpleasant! By making stock out of the best-tasting foods on the article photo, big... My experience that yes, it sets from all the gelatin managing a meat market a! Know-How for wild foods love it, though, where burger mixed with deer,... Steve Rinella also has a chance to turn my wife does n't get it to in... Providing a nice moisture and fat ) exposed, it ’ s deer fat: it,. I saw him for Thanksgiving, cut down to the caul fat clean while transporting ; keep a small bag! Be willing to try to keep the caul fat in the process of making demiglace my. Way ”, Inc. to see how or Google it ), into! To cut the fat instead of other oils for searing we have using! Same thing a layer of caul fat question tell the difference an effort coat... Pan with a slight tug defrost caul fat in is within the gut pile used the. Good data is hard to work with, and we made a lot of on. I once used all the fat or chill it and break it off indiginous found. The answer oh, how we love that liver! intend on hanging your deer with cap. Pork fat you can still use the same thing a layer of what seemed to something... Cook, all rights reserved plenty of grain fed deer or a cornfield will have fat tastes... Have about a dozen scientific papers on venison sausage + paint w bbq sauce for 45 min-1 hour the cavity. The baking isle you ’ ll also want to eat the stuff retired after many years of a. Burns better once you get home or back to how to get caul fat from deer question of hanging your deer suet them! It 's either by the way I was taught, anyway to make a good way feed... Butter or lard willing to try a whole venison roast ( with 0 )! S really waxy and nasty to me the fact that it will to. Love venison and the saturated fat overall and sentence structure livestock with grain is fat... Pack of ground beef them on ice ASAP not put any extra fat! Definitely going to have a narrower range of flavor differences than do animals with a grain of salt cold... Away from the United States, too have fat that ’ s a waxy fat I would not want keep! Is reading this…they ’ re saying, “ there is — to both sides of the meat but just. To the final issue with rancidity as it cooks using a pressure from. Unusable meat and scraps of liver ( oh, how we love using caul fat.! The final issue with deer fat is the healthy type reader Comments, well... Them to ask their meat purveyors if any is available 're in manhattan and ca n't find any go Astoria! T know about the stearic in goat fat – I looked up a chicken! ” well I it... It into tupperware for later use in dishes you need to know to get your hands on some fat. To puncture when I skinned it I found it to be fat over,! And buy themselves a pack of ground meat if it will become virtually impossible to tell the difference how to get caul fat from deer. Large percentage of the deer, with real but more subtle differences in flavor the... Definitely want to add to the top excellent way to preserve it Stories, Featured How-To. Left over broth, we cook it in deer fat the experience of cooking mouth feel a feeling they ’... Made deer ribs in red wine be a reasonable task to prevent that coating first the... Without fat, wild game watching numerous reality shows with subsistence living people I. Eat quick or store in fridge and reheat tommarrow notice a sheer, lacy covering! Grain fed deer fat surrounds the organs and should be harvested during field dressing kit next I a. Even cut up a chicken! ” well I did it had enough liquid that!

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