Our company in its need to satisfy its Clients, and at the same time, with the aim of improving the way of managing the different aspects related to Quality management, has stablished the following lines of action:

  1. Implement a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the current ISO 9001 rule, as well as promote the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
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  2. Base our company on values ​​that are recognizable to our Clients, values that consider Client satisfaction, in terms of service and product, as the main goal in our entrepreneurial vision and strategy.
  3. Compliance with the legislation and applicable regulations in relation to the products and services provided by our company.
  4. Compliance with the requirements established by our Clients in their orders or technical specifications, through prior validation of such requirements by our company management.
  5. Make Quality management be internally considered everyone’s issue and promoting this culture through the years.
  6.  Promote strategies that consider customer satisfaction as well as the acquisition of the best equipment and machinery available, in order to offer added value products and services.
  7. Take into account all parties and their needs in order to establish or propose improvement opportunities for our organization, both at a strategic and operational level.
  8. Involve, train, and make all parties, especially the company staff, take responsibility for the continuous improvement of the Quality activity, with the guideline of preventing accidents and other incidents.

Our company, based on this policy, will establish a series of objectives and goals that will consider the needs of both internal and external parties, as well as the steps that should be taken for the continuous improvement of our organization, focusing on those key actions and decisions.